Short Film Tuesday: Above and Below

This short film hits close to home. Real close. I am Filipino, and while I have yet to go to the Philippines, I obviously have deep ties to the country.

The film Above and Below shows the life of numerous families living in the Navotas Cemetery. They live in a cemetery. Despite their living conditions, life goes on. They cook, clean, and hang their wet clothes in the sun. Children are seen running and playing amidst a stack of tombs.

"Babies are born and the dead are buried in the same place. Life goes on." 

The film Above and Below was shot and edited by Stefan Werc.


Short Film Tuesday: Always A Fire

There's something about sports that is utterly inspiring. Aside from the athleticism, it's the determination, the heart, the drive, the passion, that many of the top shelf athletes have that is truly encouraging. Whether you play sports or not, you can't help but admire the integrity that many athletes have - well, at least some of them.

Always A Fire is a documentary about heart, perseverance and determination. It's a story of dreams being pulled from underneath, but then rising from the ashes to achieve those dreams regardless. It's a story we may have seen many times before, but was expertly portrayed in this film nonetheless.

This inspiring short, Always A Fire, was directed by Nathan Caswell & Jeremiah Zagar.

"Shy People Get Nothing and That's What They Deserve"

A few weeks a go I was on Postchat, a weekly twitter-based discussion involving post-production artists around the globe, chatting about a preselected topic. The guest for that week was Ryan Case, a director and editor for the hit show Modern Family. Someone asked her for the best advice she received while working her way up. And then this popped up...

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